Vegetated Roadside Retaining Wall

Webwall Cutting Stabilisation - Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire, UK.

Client Pembrokeshire County Council

Alun Griffiths

Consultant AECOM

Webwall Geocell


62m long x 2m high =124m²

  • Speed of installation minimised disruption to the public
  • Natural grass finish
  • Manual handling suited tight site constraints

Project Description

Saundersfoot is a much-visited seaside resort on the west coast of Wales and is especially popular with holidaymakers during the summer months. The old English Wesleyan Chapel, built in 1892, is an historic focal point for many visitors to the town. On Westfield Road in Saundersfoot, the busy health centre was accessed via a narrow lane which was considered hazardous to pedestrians.

The Challenge

Pembrokeshire County Council’s task was to construct a footpath within a restricted area. This was done by realigning the cutting which ran alongside the chapel. It was important that the green natural appearance of the embankment was retained. The ground near the chapel sloped steeply upwards which, when cut back, required a retaining wall. It was important for the retaining wall structure to be simple and quick to erect, so as to cause minimal disruption to the general public.

The Solution

Consultants AECOM, working on behalf of the council, chose Webwall geocell as a major part of their solution. Webwall geocell was rapidly constructed by contractor Alun Griffiths using 4m x 1m panels, which were filled with re-used soil from the excavation of the cutting. This negated the cost and inconvenience associated with importing additional materials to site. Upon completion the newly built retaining wall was replanted with vegetation and the structure was allowed to naturally restore its green appearance. Webwall geocell was in keeping with the surrounding environment.

Within a relatively short period of time it was possible to build a cost effective, environmentally-friendly retaining wall. This enabled Pembrokeshire County Council to provide safe access for pedestrians to the health centre, whilst retaining and enhancing the natural appearance of the cutting.

The ABG Service

ABG assisted with design calculations and layout suggestions for this specific site, based on the soil conditions and available footprint. Webwall geocell manufactured by ABG was supplied on pallets in expandable panels and installation supervision was provided to ensure a successful construction.

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