Trigrid Geogrid

Trigrid EX is an innovative, high performance geogrid combining fibre-reinforced polymer strips within a woven structure. Its junctions are high-strength welded which helps create an interlocking structure from a powerful combination of hybrid materials.

Innovative geogrid construction combining fibre reinforced polymer strips within a woven structure.


  • Paved and unpaved roads
  • Site access
  • Airfields & container ports
  • Hard standings
  • Piling platforms
  • Foundations over piles
  • Void spanning
  • Green roof systems


  • High performance
  • Resistant to installation damage
  • Resistant to chemical attack

Trigrid® EX geogrid is produced from high strength polyester yarns, which have excellent durability and creep behaviour in civil engineering applications. In contrast, traditional polypropylene geogrids are characteristically affected by creep to a much greater extent.

Trigrid’s polyester fibres are coated in a polyolefin, which provides protection from installation damage common to polypropylene geogrids. Installation damage can lead to tensile strengths lower than those stated before installation. The Trigrid® EX polypropylene coating also provides an excellent defence against chemical attack and other external threats. Its resilience is a major advantage over other products which may lose up to 60% of their ultimate strength during construction.

Typical Client Profile

  • Highway Engineers & Contractors
  • Highways Authorities
  • Airport Engineers
  • Local Authority Planning Depts.
  • Landscape Consultants

Trigrid Geogrid applications include creating reinforced vegetated embankments

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