SUDS Permeable paving

Porous Access Roads & Maintenance Yard, Truckcell 80 - The Wave Inland Surfing Lake, UK

Client The Wave
Designer LHC Design

Andrew Scott


Truckcell 80 Heavy-Duty Porous Paver


2,950 m²

  • Floating road design with geogrid stabilisation to minimise dig
  • Suitable for HGV access and turning
  • Improved boggy ground conditions in low-lying areas of the site

Project Description

The Wave is a new inland-surfing lake, located around 10km north of Bristol City Centre. The new wave pool itself measures approximately 200 x 200m and has a capacity of over 20,000 m³
of water. It features a pier that runs down the centre, which hosts the wave‐making mechanics at one end. The £25m development is powered by 100% renewable electricity and delivers the
opportunity to surf all year round, independent of weather conditions and tides. The Wave was awarded the NCE British Construction Industry Awards for Cultural & Leisure Project of the Year in 2020.

The Challenge

The development introduces approximately 2,750m² of impermeable surfacing, notably the existing entrance and car park elements at Washingpool Farm were generally overlain by a Clayey topsoil. As such, there was limited potential for infiltration and hence surface water ponding was an issue, supported by evidence of seasonally ‘boggy’ ground conditions, particularly in the lower lying and flatter northern areas of the site.

The Solution

The shuttle bus route between the main facilities building and the car park near the site entrance is now surfaced with Truckcell 80 permeable paving blocks and filled with free draining angular gravel to allow rainwater to percolate down to the existing sub-soil. The use of porous paving meant that the access roads and maintenance yard did not increase the area of impermeable surfacing, ensuring that there is no additional detrimental impact to flood risk either at the site, or to third parties off-site.

The high load-bearing capacity of the porous pavers make them ideal for the car parking, access roads and maintenace yard areas. The 100% recycled polymer construction of the permeable paving grids used provides high strength and durability, combined with a greater resistance to freezing and fracture than permeable concrete paving grid alternatives.

The new ‘floating road’ solution consists of a filtration/separation geotextile at the base, geogrid stabilised road sub-base, and permeable paving at the surface. The permeable paving covered around 2,000m² of access roads and a 950m² maintenance yard to withstand the loads from turning HGV delivery and refuse collection vehicles.

The ABG Service

ABG provided full design support and advice, technical calculations and site visits throughout the installation.

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