Abweb Geocell

Abweb geocell is a three dimensional cellular matrix designed to strengthen weak soils in horizontal applications such as access roads, car parking areas and site compounds


  • Access roads
  • Site compounds
  • Working platforms
  • Tree root protection


  • Easy to install
  • May use site won materials
  • Reduces stone requirement on site
  • Minimises impact on environment

Abweb geocell strengthens and reinforces granular stone layers, such as sub-bases, by confining the aggregate and providing a three dimensional tensile matrix.

Using this inexpensive system it is possible to reduce the thickness of aggregate under loaded areas by up to 50%. This reduces the volume of aggregate required and also reduces the volume of excavation.

Abweb geocells provide reinforcement of granular stone layers in all civil engineering applications, particularly beneath permanent or temporary roads and tracks. It is especially useful where site access is restricted, or availability of good quality crushed stone is limited.

Tree Root Protection

The use of geocells in providing a flexible and permeable surface above tree roots is advocated in Aboricultural Practice Note 12 (APN12).

Within the root protection zone of existing trees, the preference is for a no dig solution to any pavement required. Using Abweb allows pavement construction without the requirement for excavation, whilst still creating a stable surface allowing vehicular traffic over the root zone.

Abweb reduces the vertical load on sub-soils around tree roots and prevents damage, whilst still allowing the free flow of water and nutrients into the roots.

Typical Client Profile

  • National Trust & English Heritage properties
  • Visitor attractions and event venues
  • Parks and private estate owners
  • Landscaping contractors
  • Landscape architects

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