Earthworks Drainage

Drainage is a major consideration in all Civil Engineering schemes and well designed and effective drainage of earthworks plays a key part in the overall success of a project.

At ABG we are specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of geosynthetic drainage systems for civil engineering projects and have developed a range of geocomposites, that when used in place of traditional drainage stone, represent a significant reduction in the environmental impact, as well as reducing costs and installation times.

We also have a track record of accelerating fill consolidation in embankments on a number of schemes.

To estimate the embankment fill consolidation time when using a drainage geocomposite, visit the ABG Design Solutions site ( or download the app from the App or Google Play stores.

Typical applications

  • Highways embankments
  • Rail embankments
  • Consolidation of fill
  • Embankment starter layers
  • Highway edge drains
  • Permanent way drainage
  • Temporary works
  • Embankment consolidation
  • Counterfort drains
  • Groundwater management


  • Faster consolidation
  • Reduced material import
  • Reduced vehicle movements
  • Factory consistent drainage
  • Pore pressure relief
  • Reduced installation time

New embankment construction project using Fildrain drainage layers

ABG provide drainage systems for earthworks engineering projects including:

Recycled Fill

One of the major costs in construction is the import of a suitable fill material. Fildrain and Pozidrain provide high tensile strength and high in-plane flow capacity, and ensure excellent reinforcement and separation. Compared to crushed stone these geocomposite layers are lighter, easier to transport and help conserve finite resources. The high drainage capacity can allow low grade recycled materials to be used as backfill rather than being disposed of off-site whilst speeding up consolidation.


ABG manufactured Fildrain 7DD and 7DHD geocomposite drainage layers are the most advanced system for relieving pore pressure in the construction of new embankments. This proven method of construction has BBA certification for the starter layer and subsequent layers through the height of the embankment to aid consolidation without expensive aggregate.

Embankment fill is placed with the optimum moisture content for compaction, which means the compacted fill is too wet to support long term loads without settlement. Fildrain is faster to install than crushed stone, and is impermeable in the vertical plane. This means earthworks are protected from the ingress of rainfall, and full consolidation can be achieved in 25% of the time normally expected.

Linear Assets

Findrains are widely used in Highway and Rail construction. ABG Fildrain Types are designed in line with Highway DMRB practices and to comply with DfT Figure F18 for edge of carriageway drainage, and DfT HCD Figure F21 for drainage to concrete channels. Fildrains are also compliant with clause 514 of the Specification for Highway Works.

Typical Client Profile

  • Highways Engineers
  • Drainage Contractors
  • Earthworks Contractors
  • Rail Engineers
  • Temporary Works Engineers

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