Terrex NW Geotextile

Terrex NW Geotextile is a range of staple fibre, needle punched and thermally bonded non-woven geotextiles designed specifically to offer optimum performance per unit weight.

Terrex NW Geotextile for filtration and separation functions

Terrex NW Geotextile has high performance staple-fibres mechanically bonded offering excellent performance against weight characteristics.


  • General purpose separator for granular layers
  • Separation and strengthening
  • Filtration fabrics
  • Highway filter / separators
  • Findrains and highway edge drainage
  • French drains / wrapping stone drainage systems
  • Separation under ABG Sudspave and Truckcell permeable paving systems


  • Uniform tensile strength
  • Wide range of CBR values
  • Excellent water flows normal to plane
  • Consistent pore sizes
  • Permeable

Terrex NW geotextiles perform the functions of separation and filtration in the construction of subbase granular layers. This separator / filter function prevents the intermixing of granular subbase layers and the passage of stone particles which could cause the failure of the surface or pavement structure.

ABG Terrex geotextile for separation and filtration applications.

Terrex NW geotextiles are non-woven, needle punched, heat treated fabrics designed to offer optimum performance per unit weight, with high mechanical and hydraulic properties making them the ideal choice for separation and filtration applications.

ABG Terrex NW Geotextile for drainage applications

The resulting mechanical robustness and excellent hydraulic properties make Terrex NW geotextiles an ideal choice for filtration and separation applications, including as a general purpose separator under site access roads and hard-standing areas, as a separation and strengthening layer under new roads and as a filter medium in the construction of French drains or granular drainage blankets.

Terrex NW geotextiles offer many advantages; including uniform tensile strength in all planes through the geotextile fabric, a wide range of CBR puncture strengths, excellent water flows normal to the plane, consistent pore opening sizes for use with a wide range of soil types and hydraulic properties suited to the demands of everyday filter separators.

The use of ABG Terrex NW geotextile may offer cost savings on the project by helping reduce the requirement for fill materials and by minimising future maintenance.

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