ConcertinaWeb Geocell

ABG ConcertinaWeb is a geocellular containment system which confines and strengthens infill materials to provide a cost effective solution for the reinforcement of roadside verges and preventing verge failure and material loss in the event of vehicles over-running.

Geocell matrix confines and strengthens infill materials helping prevent verge failure and material loss due to vehicle over-run.


  • Verge reinforcement
  • Reduce stone scatter


  • Allows green finish
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Prevents verge rutting
  • Cost effective

Vehicle over-run onto soft verges presents a serious safety hazard and any vehicles which stray onto the verge can lose control with disastrous consequences. Deep rutting can form and during heavy periods of rain, significant wash out can occur.

ABG ConcertinaWeb Geocell provides a cost effective solution to what is often a perennial problem. Traditional methods such as introducing granular material only provide a short-term fix since unbound materials tend to migrate, especially during inclement weather.

ABG ConcertinaWeb Geocell is compatible with most civil engineering fill materials and can be used in conjunction with topsoil to provide an aesthetically pleasing final surface.

ABG ConcertinaWeb Geocell can also be used to prevent stone scatter caused by vehicle over-run where filter drains are located at carriageway edge or central reservation. Filter stone displaced and scattered from the road edge by vehicle over-run presents a hazard to other motorists. Scattered stones have been known to shatter windscreens and the lack of surface support can destabilise over-running vehicles.

Typical Client Profile

  • Highways Engineers
  • Highways Authorities
  • Drainage Consultants
  • Housing Developers
  • Landscape Architects

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