Sudsgrid 40 Permeable Pavers

The Sudsgrid permeable recycled plastic paver is an economical, interlocking cellular porous paver for sustainable drainage applications (SuDS). Sudsgrid plastic pavers are suitable for a wide range of trafficked applications where a stabilised, free-draining grass or gravel surface is required.

Robust porous paver design allows formation of high strength, free draining surface for reinforced grass or gravel fill.



  • High load bearing capacity
  • Infilled with grass or gravel to suit project requirements
  • Retains gravel within the cells
  • Provides a permeable, traffickable surface
  • SuDs source control – storm water management
  • Protects grass from wear, rutting and smearing
  • 100% recycled plastic
  • Rounded & robust 3-5mm cell walls for safe edges
  • Lightweight (0.9 – 1kg per panel)
  • Cost-effective option for angular gravel infill up to 20mm

Sudsgrid porous plastic paver applications include grass and gravel car parks, emergency access routes, maintenance vehicle access roads, cycle paths, retained gravel driveways, parking areas and pedestrian paths.

Grass reinforcement using ABG Sudsgrid 40 permeable paving grids

Sudsgrid offers a cost-effective, robust and aesthetic solution for many applications where gravel retention is required; including frequent-use applications and where source-control of surface water forms part of a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) design. For a reinforced grass surface, the interlocking grass pavers can be filled with a sandy-soil rootzone and seeded to produce a reinforced grass surface, suitable for occasional use by vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

Retained gravel, free draining ground reinforcement using ABG Sudsgrid 40 permeable paving grids

Gravel filled access roads

Sudsgrid permeable plastic cellular paving grids are designed to be installed onto a free-draining stone subbase construction, incorporating Geogrids to minimise material and construction costs. The paving units may also be considered for ‘reduced-dig’ applications where the depth of excavation has been limited due to archaeological or SSSI concerns, or in tree-root protection zones.

Interconnection between individual pavers is provided by means of spike and loop connectors around the edge of each paving unit. Thanks to the play at the connection between the spike and loop, the grid may be laid on gently curving surfaces.

Once installed, the porous plastic paving units can be filled with either an angular gravel for a hard wearing surface or with a formulated growing medium into which grass seed is sown to provide a vegetated finish, suitable for occasional trafficking.

Simple and stable interconnection of panels

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Permeable Paving – Carbon Footprint Saving

The use of ABG Sudsgrid permeable paving system can save up to 54% on carbon footprint compared with traditional permeable block paving methods:

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