Landscaping & Erosion Control

Vegetated retaining walls

The Webwall geocellular retaining wall system offers a neat and fast to install solution in many SuDS applications, with its primary use being in the construction of steep embankments on SuDS structures such as swales, channels and attenuation basins and ponds. Constructing steeper embankments minimises the land-take of the structure, freeing up more land for development and allowing developers to maximise return whilst meeting statutory SuDS requirements.

Typical applications

  • Vegetated steep slope construction
  • Erosion control and retaining walls for SuDS ponds & swales
  • Embankment consolidation
  • Capillary break layers
  • Contamination remediation


  • Reduced land take required
  • Carbon saving alternatives compared to aggregate construction
  • Re-use of site won fill for geocells
  • Enables fast grass and vegetation establishment

Geosynthetics play an important role within earthworks and landscaping projects, whether the need be for erosion control, embankment stabilisation, ground stabilisation or drainage ponds and swales.

At ABG we believe in providing a complete package of solutions for your project. Using the experience, knowledge and products developed whilst leading in other market sectors, we have put together an unrivalled range of geosynthetic systems for use in the landscaping market.

Ponds and basins

Geosynthetics provide a convenient method for the effective lining of SuDS retention ponds and basins. Where suitable, steep banks can be constructed using geosynthetics making more land available for development. Geosynthetic lining systems such as GCL and HDPE are useful and long-lasting methods of forming ponds. Liners can be pre-fabricated to size before delivery, or welded on site to the required profile.

basin collects run-off from the adjacent greenhouse buildings and recycles it for irrigation of the crops. SuDS vegetated retaining walls for SuDS ponds

Swales and channels

Geosynthetics can contribute to the construction of efficient swales and conveyance channels, by providing resilient protection from damage caused by erosion. The use of geosynthetics enables steeper banks to be constructed, reducing the land-take required and freeing up valuable space for development.

Erosion control project on a channel and slope using geosynthetics Channel drainage for a highways SuDS system

Erosion Control

ABG offer a broad range of erosion control products, including biodegradable and non-biodegradable erosion control mats. They can help with the surface protection of many elements within the SuDS scheme including swales, channels, ponds and attenuation basins. Erosion control systems help ensure the environment is protected throughout the life of the project from construction to establishment of the vegetation. As with all ABG products, design advice on which materials are best for your specific requirement and their specification is available from the SuDS technical team.

Erosamat erosion control mats and Erosaweb geocell are designed for applications such as surface protection, protecting the structural stability of soils, retaining soil on slopes and promoting the growth of vegetation, while allowing the free passage of water. Erosamat is available as biodegradable erosion matting where early establishment of vegetation is required.

Trench soakaway systems

Geotextiles have long been an integral element of soakaway systems, providing a vital treatment process as collected water is filtered through the fabric. They provide a separation function of granular stone layers and filtration of water within the drainage systems to reduce the environmental impact of construction. They are an important component in many applications, including in the construction of roads, car parks, embankments and wrapping SuDS Infiltration/Attenuation Tanks.

Geosynthetic SuDS Infiltration/Attenuation Tanks and drainage channels

Earth Reinforcement & Separation

Earth reinforcement and separation landscape applications are catered for using our proven range of Geogrids and Geotextiles.

Capillary Break

Salt Break is designed specifically as a drainage void layer to protect the ground above from the capillary rise of moisture from below. The cuspated core maintains a void between clean and contaminated soils to prevent capillary action, while also providing very high multi-directional flow.

In desert or arid regions Salt Break is used as a salt barrier to prevent saline water manifesting at the surface and causing problems in clean cultivated soils. It can also be used to prevent clean water being drawn into the freeze/thaw zone at the surface, which prevents the formation of ice lenses and the subsequent surface collapse when the ice melts.


Typical Client Profile

  • Earthworks contractors
  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Highways engineers
  • Rail engineers
  • SuDS officers
  • Housing developers

Project Design Service

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