Cavidrain Building

ABG Cavidrain drainage geocomposite is a preformed cavity drainage system designed to relieve water penetration from basements and buried structures. It is designed for use on both new and existing structures.

Unique core design withstands compressive loads arising from pouring wet concrete.


  • Basement waterproofing
  • Buried structures waterproofing


  • Maximises internal space
  • Easy to handle
  • Quick to install
  • Cost effective

Traditional methods of groundwater exclusion are difficult to install with any degree of reliability in modern deep basement construction. ABG Cavidrain drainage geocomposite is a waterproofing system that allows fast-track construction by eliminating wet trades and removing the installation of waterproofing from the critical path.

The high strength core is specifically designed to withstand the compressive loads arising from placing wet concrete and once poured the concrete fills the back of the dimples making the ultimate load capacity that of the concrete.


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