Quality & Certification

Environment & Quality

ABG are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. In addition we undergo rigorous testing and auditing as part of the BBA Certification process to verify the technical performance criteria of some of our leading geocomposite products, including Fildrain and Deckdrain.

Sustainability is at the forefront of our geosynthetic designs, delivering large carbon footprint savings when compared to traditional methods. In light of this, ABG is a committed signatory of the UK Civil Engineers Climate Emergency Declaration and is audited by leading international carbon footprint accreditation body, Carbon Footprint Limited, to verify the embodied carbon of our products and the carbon footprint of the organisation as a whole.

CE Marking

In accordance with the European standard for building product manufacturers, the majority of ABG products are CE marked through a notified body called KIWA based in Germany. All products that are CE marked through KIWA will be identified by their unique reference number, 0799, which can be found on the product CE label or declaration of performance (DOP) document which accompanies the product.

A CE mark is required for products which are covered by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) No. 305/2011. The regulation lays down a set of harmonised standards to which a product’s performance shall be declared by appropriate labelling and documentation.

The manufacturer of the products must obtain a factory production certificate to enable it to declare the performance of its products through a notified (accredited) organisation who regularly audits the manufacturer’s systems and procedures.

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