Rootline Root Barrier

Rootline is a root barrier developed to protect highways, foundations, waterproofing, pipes and other services from damage arising as a result of tree root penetration.

ABG Rootline GHDR 85, 120 & 200 tree root control barrier geotextiles have a plain surface. Rootline is available as both impermeable flat sheets and as an impermeable cuspated sheet. ABG Rootline GHD100S3 is a water impermeable HDPE with a 3mm pocketed surface (shown above right) to deflect tree roots downwards.


  • Rootline can be installed vertically around trees as a barrier to prevent the lateral spread of roots.
  • Rootline deflects the roots harmlessly downwards and is available in depths of 300, 450, 600 and 900mm in sheets of 1200mm wide
  • In Green Roofs and roof gardens, Rootline is installed horizontally above the waterproofing to offer protection from root penetration
  • For contaminated land applications, large sheets are available in 2.4m, 4.5m and up to 6m widths.


  • Protects structures from damage arising as a result of root penetration
  • Controls roots without damaging tree root structure

Tree roots predominantly grow in the upper surface of the soil and spread out extensively and laterally from the trunk. A good root system is essential to sustain healthy tree growth, but the roots can be deflected to grow downwards and avoid damage to adjacent structures or services.

Rootline root control barrier can be installed around the tree or adjacent to the structure or wrapped around pipes etc.

Rootline is available in two styles of robust flexible polymer (PP or HDPE) sheets that resist penetration by roots.

Impermeable Rootline is preferred for most situations and the plain version is the most economic, but the dimpled and pocketed version of Rootline is the most effective in vertical applications, guiding the roots into a downward direction.


Rootline is available in the following formats:

  • Rootline GHDR 85, 120 and 200 are water impermeable HDPE with a plain surface.
  • Rootline GHD100S3 is water impermeable HDPE with a 3mm pocketed surface.

How Rootline Works

Normal, healthy root structure growth occurs laterally through the upper surfaces of the soil. This is fine, unless the root growth is beneath or adjacent to structures where it may cause significant damage.

Using Rootline prevents the lateral spread of roots, deflecting them harmlessly down into the ground allowing healthy growth, but mitigating damage to the structure.


Our Technical Department can offer advice on appropriate styles of Rootline for differing situations and on typical installation details.

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