Truckcell 80 Heavy-Duty Porous Paver

Truckcell™ is a heavy-duty cellular porous paving system designed for intensive usage and high-load traffic applications. The permeable paver can be filled with topsoil and seeded, or filled with gravel to provide a structural surface for HGV traffic, trucks and coaches.

Heavy duty porous paver, allows formation of heavy duty permeable grass or retained gravel pavements.


  • HGV parking & access yards
  • Gravel access roads
  • Loading areas
  • Coach parks
  • Emergency vehicle access routes / Fire routes
  • Grass car parking
  • Gravel car parks
  • Visitor attraction car parks
  • Wind farms
  • Park and Ride schemes


  • Lightweight compared to permeable concrete block paving systems
  • Plastic pavers resist cracking under stress
  • Reduces construction time compared to concrete paving
  • High strength alternative to concrete permeable paving
  • High load-bearing capacity
  • Produces a permeable surface
  • Higher quality of grass establishment compared to concrete alternatives
  • Source control as part of SuDS system
  • Manufactured from recycled plastic
  • Fully recyclable

Truckcell™ is a thick, heavy-duty porous paver manufactured from 100% recycled plastic and is strong enough to withstand daily trafficking from vehicles with high wheel loadings such as trucks, buses, fire appliances and refuse vehicles. The high load-bearing capacity of the porous pavers make them suitable for applications such as HGV parking and access roads, haul roads, loading areas, car parks, coach parks and emergency vehicle access routes.

Illustration showing typical construction profile for a permeable gravel surafce

The polymer construction of Truckcell permeable paving grids is semi-flexible, giving them a greater resistance to cracking than permeable concrete paving grid alternatives. Each Truckcell grid unit weighs 9kg, keeping it well within Health and Safety manual handling guidelines.

Truckcell is a high-performance, lighter-weight product than grass concrete pavers that facilitates simple manual installation and can greatly reduce installation time and site plant costs. Once installed, the open-cell structure of Truckcell paving grids is filled with a free-draining aggregate for a gravel paving surface or a grass rootzone material to form a permeable grass paving surface which can provide surface water source control within a SuDS design. The Truckcell paving cells are typically filled with either an angular gravel or with a growing media and then seeded to provide a green finish in accordance with the aesthetic and maintenance requirements of the project.

Illustration showing typical construction profile for a permeable grass surface

Typical Client Profile

  • Schools and Universities
  • Utility companies
  • Hospitals and public building parking
  • Logistics and warehousing Companies
  • Truck Stops & Transport Facilities
  • Local authorities
  • National Trust & English Heritage properties
  • Visitor attractions and event venues
  • Music festival venues
  • Airports and Railways parking
  • Industrial Estates and Business Owners
  • Sports grounds and recreation parks
  • Renewable Energy Generating companies

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