Maintenance is an essential aspect of any scheme and ABG Installs flexible maintenance contracts to suit the site developer’s and project consultant’s needs. Attractive external space makes an important first impression and provides multiple amenity benefits. Even in areas that are not often seen, a robust maintenance regime helps ensure the long term success of the installation.

The maintenance regime depends on a number of factors including the location, type of site and environmental factors. At ABG Installs we understand this and don’t have a standard package, but work in partnership with you to develop a maintenance regime to meet your project’s needs.

Maintenance projects can range from just a few square metres to hectares, could be a highly visible visitor entrance or a hidden biodiverse roof, and may be simple hand weeding or require specialised skills and equipment. ABG Installs have the skills and knowledge to provide a package that gives best value for least fuss.

As well as maintenance on our own installations, ABG Installs carry out remedial works and maintenance on other systems. Our commitment to quality means our supply chain only uses suppliers who have been rigorously assessed to meet our high standards, so the materials used in any works we undertake are always appropriate to the application.

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