Planterdrain – Planter Drainage

Planterdrain 25SN geocomposite is a garden planter drainage layer made from a 25mm HDPE perforated and cuspated core produced as 900 x 900mm sheets and scored into 9 tear-off squares of 300 x 300mm. The sheets and squares interlock and the amount of interlock can be varied to avoid cutting so that there is no waste.


This multiple function and high performance makes Planterdrain 25SN very effective at a very realistic price.


  • Large planters
  • Small planters
  • Tree pits
  • Green roofs and podiums
  • Balconies


  • Good in-plane flow performance
  • Lighter and easier to install than gravel
  • No waste and no cutting
  • Efficient transport
  • Variable sheet size
  • Water storage as well as drainage

Often greening is incorporated into a building project by adding planters. Planters can be small or very large and made of wood, plastic, metal or concrete – but all of them require drainage below the soil infill. Typically, this drainage would be a geocomposite such as ABG Deckdrain. The Deckdrain rolls would be cut to size and laid onto the base and sides of the planter. Often this creates waste.

To make planter drainage easier, ABG has developed Planterdrain 25SN. This is a perforated 25mm HDPE cuspated core produced as a 900 x 900mm sheet that has been scored to tear into 9 squares of 300 x 300mm. In this way, Planterdrain 25SN can be laid as large sheets for large planters and as small squares for smaller planters.

Installing Planterdrain 25SN also provides additional protection against puncturing of the waterproofing layer where used to line the base of containers.

Planterdrain is then overlaid with a geotextile before the soil infill is placed into the planter. The geotextile is available either as Terrex ABG NW8 sheets (1m wide x 10m long) or a 1m wide roll of Terrex NW9.


Terrex NW9 roll – 1m wide x 10m long wide          Terrex ABG NW8 sheet – 1m wide x 10m long

Planterdrain 25SN also saves on freight cost. A pallet holds 400 sheets of 900 x 900 (324 sq m).

Planterdrain allows water to pass across the core but also retains some water in the cusps.

The perforated cuspated core of Planterdrain allows water to pass across the core, but also retains some water in the cusps. The retained water helps to keep the soil moist via evapotranspiration back up into the soil during spells of dry weather.


Cuspate overlap with 1 cusp interlocking                        Cuspate overlap with 2 cusps interlocking

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  • Specifiers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Engineers & Planners
  • Schools and Universities
  • Rail Stations
  • Local Authorities
  • Office Developments
  • Highways
  • Pedestrian Zones

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