ABG Abslope SM Earth Retaining Slope System

ABG Abslope SM is an economical and structurally flexible sustainable earth retaining slope system developed to meet the demands of Engineers, Architects and Developers requiring a neat solution for their road embankment, acoustic bund, amenity slope, land reclamation or housing development project.

The system consists of a proprietary steel mesh facing panel and retained earth, reinforced with ABG geogrids. The slope can be constructed to a face angle of between 60° to 70° and the steel mesh facing is lined with a vegetation liner to assist establishment of a grassed slope face.

Abslope Example Section Detail


  • road embankments
  • rail applications
  • enabling works projects
  • housing developments
  • National Trust & heritage estates
  • supermarkets
  • logistics parks
  • acoustic bunds
  • amenity slopes
  • land reclamation projects.


  • environmental compatibility
  • slope stability
  • usable land
  • flexible construction
  • re-use of site-won materials
  • lower construction costs
  • reduced construction time
  • economic alternative to concrete gravity walls or gabion baskets.

Steep vegetated slope facing
ABG Abslope SM enables the construction of steep vegetated slopes (to a face angle of between 60° to 70°) by incorporating steel mesh facing panels and geogrids to stabilise backfilled soil layers.

ABG Abslope system illustration

ABG’s proprietary Fildrain drainage geocomposite is also typically specified as part of the design to minimise the excess pore water pressure that develops behind the reinforced fill.

Grass or wildflower seed is added to the slope face to create an attractive and natural looking vegetated surface that blends in with the surrounding landscape and protects against erosion. The retained topsoil surface of Abslope SM allows a free growth of plants and where fast vegetation cover is required, we recommend hydroseeding. Where slopes will be exposed to excessive sunshine or wind, provision for additional irrigation measures should be made.


Abslope SM animation demonstrating the key installation steps

Abslope for Highways & Rail applications
The cost effectiveness and adaptability of the ABG Abslope SM system provides highway and rail engineers with a versatile option compared to traditional methods such as reinforced concrete walls.

Road embankments                                                          

Building Developments
Where large building and enabling works projects (including supermarkets, logistics parks, National Trust estates and housing developments), encompass significant site elevation changes, the ABG Abslope system offers a more natural aesthetic to gabion or crib walls, and significant cost savings over conventional construction methods such as reinforced concrete are typically possible.

National Trust & heritage properties

Design Service
ABG’s experienced civil engineers are on hand to provide initial suitability assessments and standard design details to help create an outline budget cost. If the system is deemed to be appropriate following the initial project assessment, a more detailed design and calculation report will be prepared, with drawings issued for construction as well as specification and installation details. Indemnified designs are available where required and the system can be built using ABG’s BBA certified geogrids.

The construction of Abslope SM requires no special foundations apart from a stable formation to provide the adequate bearing capacity, so construction time may be significantly reduced and the system can be built using standard construction plant. It should be noted that reinforced soil structures can accommodate relatively large differential settlements, and the allowable bearing capacity requirements can often be relaxed accordingly.

ABG Abslope SM following initial hydroseeding

Grass established onto ABG Abslope SM a few weeks after hydroseeding

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