Abtex Woven Geotextile

The ABG Abtex SG range of woven geotextiles offers lightweight fabrics for basic separation functions, through to high strength products which offer cost effective reinforcement in civil engineering projects.

Woven construction is ideal for both separation and reinforcement applications in civil engineering projects.


  • Separating subbase layers
  • Reinforcement of unpaved roads, work platforms and slopes
  • Slope protection
  • Reinforced soil walls
  • Construction of embankments over weak soils
  • Erosion control
  • Coastal protection


  • Easy installation
  • High strength
  • Cost effective
  • Reduces environmental impact

Abtex SG woven geotextiles offer the ideal solution to typical separation and reinforcement applications. The Abtex SG woven geotextile range has a wide range of tensile strengths that ensure there is an SG grade geotextile for most performance requirements.

The Abtex SG geotextile range is manufactured from polypropylene tapes and yarns which exhibit excellent chemical resistance to most commonly encountered acids and alkalis at ambient temperatures.

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