Capillary Break

Salt Barrier, Pozibreak - Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Client Abu Dhabi Ministry of Public Affairs

Citiscape Group

Consultant I-CON Consulting Engineers

Pozibreak – Salt Barrier




– Fast installation over large areas
– Eliminates drainage stone
– Reduces excavation requirements
– Provides a true capillary break against the rise of saline water

Project Description

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates and is central to worship in the country. It was originally constructed between 1996 and 2007 and has undergone various enhancements since, including the current ongoing construction of landscaped gardens within 16 hectares of what was previously desert.

The Challenge

Part of this landscaping project involves the creation of a running track within the gardens. Landscape architects, ICON, were concerned about the rise of saline water through a combination of capillary action and a high water table, fearing that exposure of the surface of the track to the saline water would lead to discolouration.

The Solution

ABG, working with local distributor WT Burden Middle East, proposed the use of Pozibreak salt barrier within the landscape build up to form an impermeable barrier to the rise of the saline water, whilst allowing collection and drainage of any surface water percolating down through the soils and paving above.

Pozibreak salt barrier geosynthetic is designed specifically as a drainage void layer, installed to protect the imported clean soils from the rise of saline water through capillary action. It comprises a high strength cuspated core onto which a geotextile filter fabric is bonded.

The core offers a dual function, forming an impermeable barrier to the capillary rise of saline water and creating a void which provides in-plane flow for collected surface water. The geotextile filter fabric supports the materials above, preventing the void becoming clogged whilst allowing the free flow of surface water into the void.

The Pozibreak salt barrier geocomposite was supplied through WT Burden Middle East and installed by main contractor Citiscape Group during 2014, with the development completed early 2015.

ABG Pozibreak Salt Barrier’s function under ornamental gardens

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