Erosion Control

Highway Embankment, Erosamat - M62 J26, Chain Bar, UK

Client Highways England


Consultant Atkins

Erosamat Type 3 – Turf Reinforcement Mat




– Long term protection
– Secure anchorage for vegetation
– Non-biodegradable


Project Description

The interchange between the M62, M606, A58 and A638 is one of the busiest roundabouts and motorway links in the UK. In 2007 the M606 was identified as the slowest part of the UK motorway network with an average speed of just 24 mph. To improve traffic flow and support growth in this area, Highways England undertook to widen the roundabout from three to four running lanes to increase traffic capacity and fit with the wider aims of the M62 SMART motorway programme.

The Challenge

Highways England needed to widen the footprint of the road to accommodate the extra running lane without increasing the land take. In order to achieve this batters running adjacent to the road had to be significantly steepened. Steeper batters present a number of challenges, including how to control topsoil erosion while keeping a green and natural finish, rather than using costly retaining walls or hard landscaping. The solution would need to encourage the re-establishment of vegetation while protecting the integrity of the soil, which was susceptible to erosion caused by high winds and heavy rain. Minimising disruption to the travelling public meant stringent restrictions on working space and a tight works programme. Finding a system that could be installed quickly without the need for specialist mechanical plant was critical to the success of the scheme.

The Solution

The contractor worked with ABG to propose a solution using Erosamat Type 3 erosion control mat. Erosamat comprises an open structure of polypropylene filaments combined with a reinforcing mesh to create a 3D matrix that provides permanent erosion protection. ABG Erosamat geosynthetic is able to provide immediate protection from the effects of wind and rain and, as the roots interweave within the matrix, Erosamat creates a strong reinforced turf mattress that promotes the growth of vegetation to give a robust green finish. Erosamat erosion control matting has a 120 year design life and is compatible with any vegetation, including low maintenance mixes. It is light-weight, easy to handle, and does not require specialist mechanical equipment for installation.

ABG Erosamat 3/20Z 500M Turf Reinforcement Mat

The ABG Service

ABG provided specification and design support to aid the approval process. Erosamat geosynthetic is manufactured and stocked at our production facility in West Yorkshire which enabled ABG to meet strict delivery requirements.

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