SuDS Permeable Paving

Porous Paved Car Park, Sudspave 40 - National Star College, Ullenwood Manor, UK

Project Description

The National Star College at Ullenwood Manor near Cheltenham is an independent specialist learning facility. Set in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the extensive grounds and Manor also provide conference facilities and a golf course.

The Challenge

Extensive new building development, with increased visitor and staff capacity, required provision of a new 135 space daily-use porous paved car park to replace inadequate, worn-out parking facilities. The former overflow parking area and adjacent sloped field were identified as the location for the new 2,500m2 car park, requiring the bays and aisles to be terraced to accommodate the site gradient.

The Solution

1,700m2 of ABG Sudspave 40 recycled cellular porous paving provided the retained gravel-filled parking bays, alongside tarmac aisles. This enables a SuDS design where surface water drains freely into the ground via an ABG Terrex geotextile filtration layer and the porous subbase, minimising additional drainage requirements.

The attractive, durable and free-draining Sudspave surface has provided a safe, sustainable and cost effective SuDS surface which is in daily use and full to capacity throughout the year.

The ABG Service

ABG offered design support and advice. Including technical calculations and site visits.

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