Embankment Stabilisation

- Field Road, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, UK

Client Michael Goodall Homes Ltd

ABG Installs


Erosamat Type 3 – Turf Reinforcement Mat



  • Easy to handle & install
  • Long-term stabilisation of embankment
  • Open reinforcement mat structure allows grass to grow quickly

Project Description

Michael Goodall Homes were building a housing development adjacent to a recently built supermarket. The plateau area formed as a base for the supermarket generated an over burden of spoil that formed a steep embankment that was prone to erosion and slippage. The slope needed stabilisation for a new footpath that was to be formed at the base of it.

The Challenge

The embankment was undulating and consisted of large boulders and other spoil materials that needed to be broken up and evenly graded out along the embankment’s length. A timber rail fence had previously been erected at the top of the embankment to form a boundary line which limited the scope for the gradient to be reduced.

ABG Erosamat Type 3/20Z 500M Erosion control matting showing the open, three dimensional polypropylene fibres, thermally bonded together

Excavating the embankment face Installing Erosamat Type 3

Embankment regraded                                                   Resister plates and cable anchoring install method

The Solution

The objective was to create a stabilised embankment, enabling a grass verge to grow and establish, this was achieved by using ABG Erosamat 3/20Z – an open, three dimensional turf reinforcement product made from polypropylene fibres, thermally bonded together to create a tough and flexible, long lasting erosion control mat. This was anchored onto the embankment using an anchor tool that enables the 1m length cable and resister plates to be driven into the embankment and secured tightly. This prevents the mat from moving or lifting. The result was a stable embankment with an established grassed surface.

Erosamat erosion control matting pinned on the embankment Vegetation grows through the Erosamat matting

Erosamat Type 3 installed prior to and after vegetation growth

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