Embankment Fill Consolidation

ABG uses a unique range of drainage geocomposites for relieving pore water pressure during the construction of new embankments, especially where marginal fill is involved. The geocomposite provides a starter layer beneath the embankment and for use in subsequent layers throughout the height of the embankment. Pore water pressure is then dissipated quickly under compaction, significantly saving on drainage stone resources and reducing disposal costs. This greatly improves the sustainability and carbon footprint of large highway and railway schemes, and for bridges, logistics / business / retail park approach roads and earthworks projects.

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    Embankment Geometry and Loading

    See Figure 1 for information

    Embankment Foundation soil

    Granular Drainage Layer

    See Figure 1a for information

    Embankment Soil Properties

    See Figure 1b above


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    Zip file only. Maximum file size 25mb.