Geogrid Reinforced Flexible Pavement Design

ABG can offer a geogrid-stabilised, reduced road foundation thickness for weak subgrade conditions, utilising the benefits of geosynthetics to improve the layer stiffness / drainage quality within the AASHTO pavement design approach. This increases the lifespan and / or reduces the thickness of the overall pavement. We can apply one, or a combination of geogrids, geocomposites and geotextiles to benefit our clients in the design of flexible road foundations. Please contact ABG to discuss your project specific design requirements.

    Subgrade soil

    Aggregate fill

    Asphalt layers

    Project Geometry and Loading

    Vehicle type

    Number of visits

    Typical cars [w ≈ 10kN (≈ 1 tonne)]

    Light construction vehicles [w ≈ 50kN (≈ 5 tonnes)]

    Fully loaded vans [w ≈ 25kN (≈ 2.5 tonnes)]

    Typical lorries [w ≈ 80kN (≈ 8 tonnes)]

    Heavy tippers and lorries [w ≈ 120kN (≈ 12 tonnes)]

    [Note: For construction purpose, we will consider a typical 20t truck (max axle load 97.5kN) in our assessment.]


    Design Parameters used by ABG to be reviewed and confirmed by the Customer:

    The following values will be used in our design, if detailed information is not available from the customer.

    Typical design capacities:
    Housing Development - 1M - 5M ESALs
    Unclassified/Private Road - 0.5M-1M ESALs
    Car Parking Bays - 0.05M ESALs

    Typical asphalt stiffness values:

    HRA 40/60 (Hot Rolled Asphalt) - 3100 MPa
    SMA / DBM (surface course) - 2500 MPa
    DBM 100/150 (binder and base course) - 2500 MPa
    DBM / HDM 40/60 (binder and base course) - 4700 MPa

    Typical aggregate stiffness values:
    Unbound Sub-base - 135 - 150 MPa
    Unbound Capping - 60 - 75 MPa



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    Zip file only. Maximum file size 25mb.