ABG Abslope EM

  • Smooth face earth retaining slope system with naturally grown vegetated face
  • Maximum height of 10m can be achieved in a single tier
  • Marginal fill materials can be used as reinforced fill
  • Rapid construction process
  • Topsoil on the face to support vegetation growth is protected by the vegetation liner
  • The Geogrids used are CE/ BBA certified.

    Abslope EM Geometry and Loading

    See Figure 1 above for information


    Zip file only. Maximum file size 25mb.

    Zip file only. Maximum file size 25mb.


    [1] As a general rule, the crest slope angle cannot exceed the angle of internal friction of the fill materials.

    [2] If the slope cross section varies considerably along the length of the slope, please use additional forms to
    describe the sections.