Gravel Car Parks

Gravel car parks provide a solid, stabilised and free-draining surface suitable for cars, vans, trucks, coaches and lorries. Gravel is often specified for use as the permeable paving surface for car parks, with the open structure of gravel providing a free draining surface which allows rainwater to permeate through to the sub-base.

With the correct construction and drainage systems, a porous gravel car park can be part of a SuDS system through natural infiltration of the rainwater into the sub-base, or through an attenuation system.

The use of a porous plastic paving grid is commonly used to create a retained gravel surface. The cellular structure of the plastic grids retain the gravel by creating an interlock, limiting the amount of gravel that can be displaced by vehicle tyres.

Typical applications


  • Solid, stabilised and free-draining gravel parking surfaces
  • Suitable for cars, vans, trucks, coaches and lorries

ABG suppy the following porous paving and cellular paving systems suitable for stabilising gravel car parks:

Sudspave Permeable Paving Grids

Sudspave is a permeable paving system of interlocking, plastic cellular porous pavers designed for the stabilisation of trafficked gravel surfaces and to provide gravel retention within the cellular paving units.


Truckcell Heavy-Duty Porous Pavers

Truckcell™ is a heavy-duty, cellular porous paving system designed for intensive usage and high-load traffic applications. With a gravel fill, the grids provide a structural surface for cars, trucks, coaches and HGV parking applications.


If your project requires a gravel or free-draining permeable surface, speak to the ABG technical team. We have many years of technical and design knowledge, with many past project case study examples to demonstrate our expertise.

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