Retaining Walls & Reinforced Slopes

ABG provide a range of geosynthetic solutions for the creation vegetated retaining walls.

ABG’s involvement in the design and construction of reinforced earth retaining walls extends to over 25 years, from when we first developed and launched our own range of ground engineering solutions.

These systems include a comprehensive range of geogrids and geotextiles for earth reinforcement and more recently the development of Webwall®, our own cellular retaining wall system designed specifically as a sustainable green wall solution and cost saving alternative to gabions and crib wall constructions.

As our experience in providing retaining wall solutions continues to grow in number, physical size and complexity, so does our knowledge in utilising our systems and innovating new ideas in ground engineering.

ABG are in a position to offer full PI covered design, material specification and supply. Furthermore, using our ABG Installs business, the installation and final planting of Webwall® can be undertaken to offer a turnkey retaining wall solution throughout the UK.

Typical applications

  • Slope reinforcements
  • Retaining walls
  • Green walls
  • Slope veneer stabilisation
  • Reinforced earth structures
  • Steepening bunds
  • Steepened embankments
  • Business & logistics parks
  • Housing estates & SuDS ponds


  • Reduced land take
  • Steeper walls
  • Green / vegetated slope finishes
  • Environmentally beneficial walls
  • SuDS compliant solutions
  • Reduced material import
  • Single source for Design, Supply, Install and Maintainence
  • Bespoke planting

ABG provide a range of geosynthetic solutions for retaining walls and reinforcing slopes:

Slope Reinforcement & Soil Retention

Geocells can be used in slope reinforcement applications. Erosaweb geocell is designed for the reinforcement of weak soils and has many applications; including the retention of soils on steep slopes. The permeable honeycomb structure of geocells allows water to drain through the cells and down the slope, while retaining and confining the fill material (soil, stone or vegetation) within the panels.

Retaining Walls

Webwall geocell is a flexible retaining wall system that allows vegetated walls with near vertical faces to be built quickly and easily, with the added benefit of using site won materials as fill. The Webwall structure is formed from horizontal layers of Webwall geocell panels, each panel being expanded and filled layer by layer until the required height is achieved.

Reinforced Slope Systems

ABG Abslope SM enables the construction of steep vegetated slopes (to a face angle of between 60° to 70°) by incorporating steel mesh facing panels and geogrids to stabilise backfilled soil layers.

ABG Abslope system illustration & construction before and after grass growth

Slope Stabilisation & Earth Walls

Trigrid and Abgrid geogrids can be used in a variety of applications including reinforced earth walls, bunds and embankments, and veneer slope stabilisation. They can also be used with a variety of finishes (gabions, hard facing, vegetated and so on) to meet even the most demanding aesthetic requirements.

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