Erosamat Type 1 – Biodegradable Jute

Erosamat Type 1 and 1A are low cost biodegradable erosion control mats made from woven jute. They are used as an economic and environmentally friendly erosion control material for surfaces that will support plant growth.


  • Water run-off erosion control
  • Silt laden river run-off erosion control
  • Slope vegetation establishment


  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Improves soil quality
  • Protects seeds during germination

Erosamat Type 1 erosion control mats consist of a dense mesh of jute fibres and are designed to reduce erosion by absorbing the impact of rain bombardment and reducing run-off velocity, thereby helping prevent erosion from occurring.

The seeds for the required vegetation are usually laid beneath the Erosamat erosion control mat, although it is also possible to hydro-seed over the top of the sheet once installed. The mat protects the soil until the seeds have germinated and a root system is established, thereafter the Erosamat Type 1 slowly biodegrades to release nutrients and improve the soil quality whilst the root structure protects the soil.

Jute construction offers an environmentally friendly solution to short-term erosion control applications where vegetation is supported

Ancillaries / Fixing Pins

  • Biopins (150mm long) as shown in the image.
  • Fixing pins (300 mm long) supplied in boxes of 500.
  • Longer pins are required for loose soils, please enquire.

Typical Client Profile

  • Commercial growers
  • Environment agency
  • Local Authority Planning Departments
  • Water companies
  • Utility companies

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